Good article Dr Dion.

It maybe helpful to view Trump as less determining events and more simply occupying them. Our many ills do go back to the Regan days which you suggest, particularly greater division of income and wealth which later became the depression of opportunities for many.

The elite in the now Republican Party (as opposed to the rally-going rabble) are sweating (in the case of Rudy Giuliani and Mark Levin puddles are on the floor). Mitch McConnell and his company are backs-to-the- wall in fear of losing their power thanks largely to changing demographics and a new awareness brought about because of both Donald and Corona.

I invite you to read and comment on "Donald's Ship Needs Sinking -- to the Bottom" in which I attempt a snapshot of where we are. Optimist that I am, we are in a place set to move forward to a happier America -- but we kind of have to see it.

Best to you

OP-ED writer, designer and artist. Most recently returned to architecture and deliberately presents the subject void of buildings.

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